Taste of Malabar

The soul of Malabar’s
finest flavours

“Salkaram” is more than an event in Malabar; it is an emotion, a feeling of camaraderie and togetherness than brings hearts together. Salkara- the multicuisine restaurant has been named after this emotion. In the northern belt of Malabar region in Kerala, “Salkaram” or “Thakkaram” (reception) is an age-old tradition during “Kalyanam” or “Nikkah” (wedding) in households.

The event of reception is a time when families and friends come together irrespective of differences. Breaking the barriers of ethnicity, religion, caste, and belief system, hearts that think and share the same emotions come together in unison in hosting a grand event that combines feast, fun, frolic, and festivities. Salkaram is hosted by the bride’s family in welcoming the groom’s family along with friends and well-wishers. This unparalleled feeling of togetherness and hospitality is part of the rich heritage and deep tradition that is shared across Malabar. In every delicacy served at Salkara, this emotion permeates.

The same love and feeling of oneness that fills the air during Salkaram, touches your heart and soul with the rich aroma of delicious recipes we serve at Salkara. Our delightful menu is inspired by the popular cuisines of Malabar during the 1960s- 1980s. For the quintessential Keralite, the cuisine takes you back on a trip of nostalgia. For others, the aromatic and delicious food is a new and unique experience- one that will never leave their taste buds. All the rich flavours of traditional hospitality are infused in each recipe. At Salkara, we serve an emotion- of love and amity. Come experience this emotion beyond comparison.

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